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[ Hi! So I’ve just been hit with a bout of inspiration for Gaila and I really want to get back on her - except I’m going to be revamping her massively throughout the course of the week. But yes, expect activity, I hope! ] 


Color palette meme: Gaila in #4.

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Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

 Personal log, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. Galia, Galia, oh Galia. I won’t lie, she’s smarter than I am but that doesn’t take much really. She disappears for days on end but she does some of the best work I’ve seen on-board. God forbid if the Enterprise ever gets destroyed and she isn’t saved. She’s always on my left, kinda funny to think about it. I really don’t understand why Kirk chose Chekov to replace me when she is just as capable—even more—than he and I are. Alright. Well, Scotty out. ❞



Where no one has gone before
|Star Trek Edits| [2/?]


So, how can these legendary hands help you?

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